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Welcome to the Vermont Cowgirl blog where you'll live life in Vermont through the lens of our camera, get sneak peeks of new all-natural products, behind the scenes peeks and much, much more.

Back from vacation and right into foliage season

Katrin Mooney

Foliage season is probably my favorite season of the year. Warm afternoons, the smell of foliage, long hikes with the dogs, hot apple cider and ... color. Beautiful fall foliage color.

We did, however, also jump back into business and created a couple of awesome fall themed soaps. We made a pumpkin soap with organic pumpkin and even tried our hands on a Kombucha soap with an actual SCOBY. Next thing for us is to see if we can incorporate these leaves into a soap and also finalize the fall/winter lineup with some amazing new additions.

We'll be updating the shop shortly so in the meantime, enjoy some beautiful colors.