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North Country Soapworks - home to the best all-natural handmade body products. No artificial flavors, no artificial scents, no artificial colors. Never anything artificial and never tested on animals. Artisan soaps, sea salt spa bars, delicious lip balms, skin loving body butter, scrubs and soaks. Your skin will love you.

Meet our lip balm/business card!


Welcome to the Vermont Cowgirl blog where you'll live life in Vermont through the lens of our camera, get sneak peeks of new all-natural products, behind the scenes peeks and much, much more.

Meet our lip balm/business card!

Katrin Mooney

Our lip balms are first and foremost moisturizing and chock full of skin loving butters & oils. They also make fabulous business cards that people will keep at hand. 

Here at Vermont Cowgirl, we're also all about supporting local businesses. After years of doing our own taxes, I finally reached my breaking point and started looking for an accountant. But not just any accountant. I wanted somebody we could not only trust 100% but also jive with. One local accountant had me almost out of her office because it looked more chaotic than ours (and that's saying a lot!). We dismissed bland websites with bland bios until we finally struck gold: Enter Montgomery & Merrill!

From the first meeting they've been nothing but awesome and worth their weight in gold. Or diamonds. Or chocolate lip balms. They answer their own phones so you aways speak with *your" person, they're super professional and so incredibly patient. A huge deciding factor were also the facts that they're huge on social issues, support a bundle of amazing causes, volunteer their time and ... love dogs. Done deal. Love them to pieces.

So as a small token of our appreciation, we created these custom lip balm labels for them with the lip balm label showing their logo. 

 Our chocolate & latte lip balms with the logo of our fabulous accountants.

Our chocolate & latte lip balms with the logo of our fabulous accountants.

We've since created many, many more custom lip balm labels for other local businesses and we absolutely love creating something special for our friends, family & customers.

Hope you have a great start into the week!

Vermont Cowgirl