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A heavy duty, all natural degreaser

Katrin Mooney

I'm not particularly proud of this next photo. :-( My husband (aka Vermont Cowboy) gave me this beautiful purple tea kettle for Christmas a couple of years ago and it sees a lot of action on the stove. The only action it doesn't usually see a lot is cleaning action. I looked at it and envisioned my grandmom slapping me in the back of the head "Gibbs Style".

I tried my trusted all purpose kitchen cleaner but the grease just chuckled and held firm. Next up was my magic eraser. The grease now laughed heartily and continued to hold firm. Nothing seemed to work. I was already off to Amazon to search for a "heavy duty grease remover" and came across an industrial cleaner that looked promising. It also came with a biohazard warning label. Back to the pantry I went. After much rummaging, I finally came across a box of Washing Soda that I use to make our DIY homemade laundry detergent.

Eureka! I'd struck gold. After pouring liberal amounts of washing soda over the tea kettle and used plenty of ellbow grease with very little water, the grease no longer held firm and slid down the drain with one last howl of defeat. Win for Team Washing Soda! Booyah and Bazinga!

I never thought Washing Soda would be this good of a de-greaser. The best part, it consists of 100% sodium bicarbonate. Meaning it's all natural, non-toxic and EPA considers sodium bicarbonate to have a minimal environmental impact. Win. Win. Win. Now I can feel awesome about the Purple Tea Maker being back to its original glory. Can't wait to give our stainless steel range hood a go next!

Happy Cleaning!