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Kombucha vs. Kefir

Katrin Mooney

Vermont Cowboy has been brewing his own Kombucha made with organic ginger & turmeric tea and organic sugar for well over a year now and I"ve faithfully tried the various flavor concoctions. However, it all just takes like vinegar to me. then I had an epiphany (or so I thought)/ 

After some reading, I figured I'd start making my own Kombucha and use a honey-eating SCOBY instead of the sugar eating variety. Instead of Turmeric/Ginger I'd use my favorite: Organic Green Tea with Lemongrass. I optimistically ordered 24 easy cap bottles on Amazon, a Scoby and was giddy with excitement. My package arrived and I set off to brew. LET'S BREW (in Walter White's voice)!

Two weeks later, my Kombucha was ready and ... tasted just as vinegar-y as the "sugar kombucha" to me. So while I'm not a fan of drinking that stuff, it's phenomenal to soap with. With or without leftover Scobies, just using Kombucha instead of water makes an awesome skin loving Kombucha soap that is just super mild and phenomenal. No kidding. So I guess Kombucha is pretty great after all. After vigorous testing, our Kombucha soaps are going to hit the store within the next couple of weeks. 

On the brew side of things, I haven't given up and just placed yet another Amazon order for Water Kefir Grains! Wish me luck!

Vermont Cowgirl