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David vs. Goliath - or, somebody is trying to bully the little guy again

Katrin Mooney

I'm not usually a fan of Monday mornings but this morning made me decidedly LESS a fan of Mondays. Or mornings. Particularly Monday mornings.

In my inbox: a cease & desist letter from a lawyer in Colorado, representing a Colorado business making lotions under the business name of Rocky Mountain Natural Labs, LLC. They wanted me to cancel my existing trademark for Vermont Cowgirl because they apparently sell some of their lotions as "Cowgirl Cream". I guess as per them, nobody should be allowed to use the name "Cowgirl" in anything related to skin care.

What makes their demand so utterly ridiculous is that they claim that the "Vermont" in "Vermont Cowgirl" is the less dominant portion of our name. Yep, you heard that right. About a company that's all about Vermont. That proudly does everything to use locally sourced ingredients.  Does it get any more Vermont than "Green Mountain Mojito Soap", "Vermont Beer Soap" or "Vermont Maple Lip Balm" or "Vermont Honey Soap"? 

Clearly, this wasn't something we were going to take on ourselves, as much as I was tempted to hit "reply" and tell them to pound sand. I really, really wanted to. Because a) their claim is frivolous b) their claim is frivolous and c) they're banking on the fact that we don't have the unlimited resources they have to defend this. Did I mention that their claim was d) frivolous? Oh, and I hate flipping bullies. 

So needless to say, we won't roll over. I'm off to Burlington this week to meet with an attorney who specializes in trademark protection and successfully represented Rock Art Brewery in their "Vermonster" suit, where ... you guessed it, the local guy won. Goliath lost. We intend to do the same.  We won't be intimidated by corporate trademark bullies and we'll take this head on. Don't mess with Vermont! Oh, and Colorado just got a lot less cool. :-)

We set up a Go Fund Me page to fund our legal battle against these folks and truly appreciate any and all donations & shares. Thank you so much!!!!