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North Country Soapworks - home to the best all-natural handmade body products. No artificial flavors, no artificial scents, no artificial colors. Never anything artificial and never tested on animals. Artisan soaps, sea salt spa bars, delicious lip balms, skin loving body butter, scrubs and soaks. Your skin will love you.


Welcome to the Vermont Cowgirl blog where you'll live life in Vermont through the lens of our camera, get sneak peeks of new all-natural products, behind the scenes peeks and much, much more.

A quick peak behind the scenes

Katrin Mooney

With the exception of the first bill from our attorney, not much has happened in the case of Cowgirl Cosmetics vs. Vermont Cowgirl. They've laid low. We've been in touch with several other companies, who have also receive "cease & desist" letters from CC. Like us, they've also been awarded federally registered trademarks for names containing "Cowgirl" so clearly, the US Trademark Office never saw an issue with regards to anybody producing soaps/cosmetics under the brand "Cowgirl Anything". CC didn't defend their trademark (nor were they particularly active elsewhere) so my hope is that this chapter is behind us and we can move forward full steam ahead into spring and summer. But who knows ... it is, however, reassuring to not only have a kick-ass attorney on our side along with an entire community full of proud Vermonters but emails of support have been pouring in from near and far - it's pretty awesome.

In the meantime, we've tweaked a couple of recipes and are getting ready to launch an entirely new line of Spa Bars (sea salt soaps with different herbs - comfrey, nettle, neem, arnica and peppermint just to name a few), have completely overhauled our packaging and are getting ready to get Vermont Cowgirl into more stores, spas and breweries across the state.

Winter also finally decided to call it quits (although I did stoke up the fireplace again today) and the first spring flowers are popping up!

Enjoy & have a great weekend.

Vermont Cowgirl