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In the works: Herbal Sea Salt Soaps. Meet: Nettle Leaf!


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In the works: Herbal Sea Salt Soaps. Meet: Nettle Leaf!

Katrin Mooney

I love our sea salt soaps with all my heart. They're amazing, skin friendly, clean without drying and provide a boatload of benefits to the skin. Going through my stash of organic herbs for something else entirely (think: herb infused oils for body butters!) I thought: why not soaps? So over the next couple of weeks, we'll be testing and evaluating and then test some more.

So here's our first herbal soap that I whipped up last night: a Nettle Leaf Soap. Instead of water, we used organic nettle leaf and additionally incorporated some of the ground nettle leaves into the soap itself. Due to their size, I don't expect them to add any exfoliating power to the soap but we'll see. As oils, we used organic olive oil, organic shea butter and organic coconut oil and then added our natural Mediterranean Sea Salts and topped it off with a rosemary/peppermint/spearmint essential oil blend. Tastes super fresh and fits the soap perfectly. 

Our first little batch will be unmolded tonight, then cure for a good six weeks and will then enter the testing stage.