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A main ingredient in our sea salt soaps - but where does our sea salt come from


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A main ingredient in our sea salt soaps - but where does our sea salt come from

Katrin Mooney

Our customers love our sea salt soaps and we love them, too! But what kind of salt do we use exactly?

Since all of our soaps are all natural without any synthetic crap in them, we wanted a sea salt that met those same exact requirements. After testing about a million salts and companies, we finally struck gold and use a Mediterranean Sea Salt that also doubles as cooking/table salt. As per the manufacturer,  it is a 100% natural, unrefined, and solar-evaporated sea salt with no additives of any kind. To clean the salt, they use exacting cameras & jets of air to naturally clean the salt without washing or chemicals.

We use a larger grain in our bath salts (shown above) whereas we use a much finer grain for our sea salt soaps that gives just a little bit of body polishing power without being abrasive or harsh to the skin.

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Kat & Damian