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North Country Soapworks - home to the best all-natural handmade body products. No artificial flavors, no artificial scents, no artificial colors. Never anything artificial and never tested on animals. Artisan soaps, sea salt spa bars, delicious lip balms, skin loving body butter, scrubs and soaks. Your skin will love you.

Latte Scrub - vegan, organic

Soaks & Scrubs

Latte Scrub - vegan, organic

Scrubs 5.jpg
Scrubs 5.jpg

Latte Scrub - vegan, organic


Using our organic sugar scrub is like visiting the spa in your own shower (or tub. or sink. I swear, one jar is sitting right next to our kitchen sink at any given time) It gently rubs away dead skin cells and leaves your hands (or other body parts) super smooth, soft and silky. It is a bit abrasive so I definitely don't recommend this as a facial scrub. 

This scrub doesn't contain preservatives so you definitely want to keep water away from the jar (oil and water don't mix!) . To prevent water from entering the scrub, just use a little teaspoon.


If the oils and sugar have separated a little, stir to remix. Take a dime-sized amount into your palm and rub in a circular motion on your body or between your hands. Rinse. It may seem like it's hard to wash off the oil, but don't worry! Your skin will soon soak it up and feel super soft and moisturized, not to mention happy. In case you overdid it just a little bit, you can easily wipe off excess oil with a paper towel. 

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Ingredients: organic sugars, organic & shade grown coffee, sweet almond oil. That's it. No synthetic ingredients or other artificial yuck. Just yummy!